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Safety & Quality Assurance

Caliper Construction, Inc. is committed to the concept of “Zero Injury Construction.”

Our safety program is driven from the top with our Senior Management that asserts safety is the number one priority. Frequent job site inspections by our executives help to reinforce management’s involvement in the safety of our personnel. In addition, our Senior Management work to ensure our personnel plan and perform their work in a safe manner while adhering to our written Safety Program as well as all applicable Federal, State, and Local regulations. Our effective Safety Program is conducted by certified company supervisors and it requires everyone’s active participation. Safety training sessions are held at our facility and in the field to address specific job site hazards. In addition to an accident-free workplace, we are committed to maintaining a drug-free workplace. Caliper Construction, Inc. has a strict policy on controlled substances that includes Reasonable Suspicion and Post-Accident drug screening.

Quality Assurance

On all projects, quality control is paramount at Caliper Construction, Inc. Quality engineering entails the review of plans and specifications prior to the start of construction, followed by the assurance that our field staff maintains compliance with the existing plans. This may include overseeing the testing of materials used, checking grades, and much more, Caliper has a strict/efficient system to get things done.

Our clients recognize that a final punch list is unavoidable on any project. Caliper Construction, Inc.’s goal is to continuously self-monitor our work in order to effectively minimize the final punch list. Through this process, we expect to eliminate the potential for any significant delays our clients may otherwise experience in reaching substantial completion or a certificate of occupancy.