Caliper Construction has one of the most efficient fleets in today’s market including a full line of GPS Robotic capable Dozers and Graders along with many of the latest model Excavators, Loaders and other Tier-4 ready equipment. Caliper’s fleet is upgraded every three years which ensures our reliability and performance.

Caliper Construction was published in the March 2019 edition Construction and Equipment Guide for innovative business practices. The picture above is the headline picture featured in the article which stated,

During the great recession, while most American businesses were in all out-cost savings mode, one contractor in the desert southwest took another approach. Ron Davis, owner of Caliper Construction in Las Cruces, New Mexico saw 2009 as the right time to begin the transformation to GPS grade control technology on his fleet of excavating and grading equipment. Thinking about technology, a critical point in his business, put Caliper Construction ahead of the competition where it remains today.

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